​Internal Medicine Residency Faculty and Staff

  • Theodore Christou M.D. , FACP (Interim Program Director)

  • Maja Delibasic,  M.D. (Associate Program Director)

  • John Yoon, M.D. (Associate Program Director) 

  • Michael Achilles Markos M.D. (Associate Program Director)

  • Nasser Boshra M.D. (Core Faculty) 

  • Rizwana Syed, M.D. (Core Faculty) 

  • Travis Yamanaka M.D. (Core Faculty)

Chief Residents

  • Syed Madani D.O.                         

  • Chris Fernandes M.D.


GME Graduate Medical Education

  • Michael Davenport M.D. (DIO)

  • Andrea Williams (Director of GME)

Program Coordinator

  • Arely N. Ventura (Lily)

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