Schedule Example

4 + 1 

At Mercy we have a "4 +1" curriculum, which means that you will have 4 weeks of inpatient activities, consult blocks, electives, or vacation followed by 1 week of outpatient medicine.  We embraced this innovative approach to scheduling as it has gained popularity around the country.  Residents report higher satisfaction with their ambulatory experience, because they are able to focus on clinic and being a primary care doctor.  They also report higher satisfaction with inpatient rotations, as they do not have to leave in the mornings or afternoons to cover clinic. 

A Sample Schedule

Below you can see what a sample schedule would look like.  Residents rotate between inpatient services (GMF = general medicine floors, ICU = intensive care unit, CVM = cardiovasculr medicine), consult blocks (CARD = cardiology, H/O = hematology / oncology, ID = infectious disease), and vacation / elective time (VAC or ELEC).  Every 4 weeks they will have a CLINIC block, during which time they are solely focused on caring for their panel of primary care patients.

Daily Teaching Conferences

At noon we have daily teaching conferences led by our chief residents and various subspecialty experts.  These conferences will expose you to the latest advances in evidence based medicine and will give you the strong foundational knowledge to become an independent physician. 

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