Scholarly Activity

Dedicated Faculty

Under the leadership of John Yoon, all residents at Mercy will complete a scholarly project. Residents receive mentor-ship in this from day 1 to ensure that they can complete a project by the time they graduate.  These projects both teach residents how scholarship is conducted and also aid them as they seek employment and fellowship positions in the future. 

Quality Improvement Committee 

Every month residents participate in the hospital wide quality improvement committee in order to help measure safety practices throughout the hospital and continually try to improve the care for patients. 

Code Blue Committee

The purpose of this committee is to evaluate and apply ACLS protocols hospital wide.  The committee monitors cardiac arrest and rapid response events and develops and implements projects to improve patient care and systems-based issues.  The committee meets several times annually and at least one resident representative is encouraged.  

Medication & Nutrition Committee

This committee is responsible for the addition or deletion of drugs and nutritional agents from formulary as well as reviewing requests for new drugs or research protocols.  The committee chairman is Jeffrey Kramer, MD and the primary contact for the committee is Suzanne Graf, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacy Manager.  A chief resident attends monthly meetings to represent the housestaff.

Physician MAPS Council

This forum is an avenue to evaluate and optimize the utility of Cerner, the electronic medical record at Mercy.  Any issues or suggestions pertaining to the ease of use of the system to facilitate patient care can be brought to the attention of the council.  This committee is chaired by Andrew Cha, MD and at least one resident representative is encouraged.  

Graduate Medical Education (GME)/Resident Forum

This is a forum designed to discuss and find solutions for housestaff issues and concerns.  Examples of some of the issues that have recently been resolved include: resident parking, call room safety, lab coat cleaning, and increased computer access for residents.  Residents from each residency program from each class are elected to represent housestaff.  With each new class of residents in July, two representatives are selected by their peers from each class to represent the class throughout the duration of their residency experience.  

Stroke Committee

The purpose of this committee is to evaluate regularly the process of stroke diagnosis and management in-house. The Committee meets monthly, and is led by the Chief of Neurology, Jeffrey Kramer, MD and is attended by numerous clinical and administrative staff.  At least one resident representative is encouraged.  

National Meetings

Presentations at ACP and Midwest Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Conference

This year we had 7 abstract submissions to the 2018 Midwest Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Conference. Multiple posters have been presented at ACP and this past October 2018 Mercy's resident QI project on Telemetry use won first place and so did Mercy's Med student in oral clinical vignette!!!!

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